i get so nervous when parents bring their little children to my table and point out things to them like “oh looook they have adventure time you like adventure time don’t you”

no plz read my valentines before directing your children to them they’re all dick jokes


if anyone is coming to awesomecon, the first obe to bring me some type of fast food gets a free poster or some free valentines

A message from susheh
Will you be at wonder con 2014 this week? c: I met and bought from you last year~

ahhhh i’m sorry - i’m on the east coast until june so i’ll actually be at awesome con instead of wonder con this year!


Hey guys! If you’re in the DC area come see me at Awesome Con this weekend!

I’ll be at table P1 in the Artist Alley~

First East Coast con!

A message from Anonymous
you can't read dangan ronpa??? its a game and a show

Ah, but before the game was localized/getting ported to North America and the anime wasn’t a thing yet, everyone was reading the translated playthroughs on Something Awful!

A message from Anonymous
The hobbit Valentines? FILI AND KILI

I already made Fili and Kili, anon! They’re right over here

A message from Anonymous
is it alright if I could request some dangan ronpa valentines? your valentines are so good!

Of course it’s fine! I just haven’t… finished DR??? I definitely started reading it at some point and never got very far. But I’ll keep it in mind for when I do eventually finish it.

A message from Anonymous
any chance of getting some elf valentines? maybe bard and smaug too? :3

I’ve been meaning to work on those since I never finished Hobbit Valentines Pt. II from last year but I’ve been super busy with school and mailing out valentines orders! I’ll try my best to get them done before Valentine’s Day, anon - but no promises~

A message from chibikyojin
I hope to see you at anime expo this year! I need more valentine cards ^_^

Yeees, I will definitely be at AX this year!

Pokemon Valentines

Featuring Sycamore, XY Starters, Pumpkaboo, Espurr, Sylveon, Kiloude IV Checker, Prof Oak, and Ash. 

Thought I’d make some more Pokemon valentines since Ash was made years ago!

Also, if you have table space at Anime Boston and are looking to share, please hit me up!

$2 each, 3 for $5! Printed on glossy paper. Approximately 3 x 4” each. 

Buy them here!

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