How much does everything cost?

  • valentines: $2 each, three for $5
  • mini prints: $3 each, two for $5

How big are your valentines?

As big as your dick They’re approximately 3 x 4” and printed on glossy photo paper.

How about your mini-prints?

The mini prints are 4 x 6”. So I guess that makes it twice as big as your dick

Where do you ship from?

Cypress, California (sometimes from La Jolla, CA when I’m at school!)

Will you make a valentine of X character?

It depends. Send me an ask! If I get enough requests, I’ll consider making it.

I really like this one picture you drew, is it available as a print?

If it’s not on here, I probably don’t have it on stock. But message me and I can probably turn it into one for you.

I really like this one print, do you have it in a different size or as a button?

See above! Just send me a message and I can probably get it for you.

What’s your paypal email?

It’s the same as my normal email! comradettemeep@gmail.com